Learn how to invest in the multifamily real-estate market.

MREX offers educational programs and organizes various events so you can learn how to create wealth by investing in multifamily real estate.

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MREX’s mission is to democratize multifamily real estate investing through revolutionary technology and knowledge. Offering multiple courses and advanced programs, we quickly became the leading experts in multifamily financial engineering and capital markets. Our students soon realized that investing in multifamily properties meant running a profitable business and making sophisticated decisions such a stock market investor makes.

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Investing in multi-family real estate has never been so popular and easy…And yet, it has never been so complex! Knowing that we work with limited resources,you have to create leverage. Not only leverage in terms of capital, but also leverage in terms of human capital and in terms of our time and energy. It’s learning how to maximize your returns and minimize your risks! NIKOLAI RAY CEO and professor, MREX

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